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Frontal Hair Transplant

Hair Loss Calculator - When Will I go Bald?

When Will I go Bald? If you are wondering the same question as many other men and women, you have found the right page. The When Will I go Bald Hair Loss Calculator was designed for you to calculate if and when you will go bald. Follow instructions below to try out the Hair Loss Calculator.

Please enter all fields to calculate how likely you are to lose your hair and by what age you should go bald. This hair loss calculator was created for entertainment purposes only. While the results are generated from research and data provided by many doctors, the result is in no way a guarantee of if or when you will lose your hair. Please consult your physician for a professional assessment.

You may download this calculator for use on your own website free of charge.

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When Will I Lose my Hair or go Bald?


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Select Your Current Stage or Hair Growth/Loss:

Stage1: Full Head of Hair                  Stage2: Hairline has begun to recede                  Stage3: Hairline has receded along forhead and thin hair on top/back of head
   Full Head of Hair                 Hairline has begun to recede           Hairline has receded and
                                                                                                 thin hair on top of head

                  Stage4: Significant thin or bald hair on top/back of head                              Stage5: Complete hair loss on top of head. Only sides remain
              Significant thin or bald hair                Complete hair loss on top of head.
                  on top/back of head                                  Only sides remain


Select Your Average Level Of Stress You Encounter Daily:


Family Hair Loss History. Check all that apply:

 My biological Father has experienced hair loss
 My Grandfather on my biological Mother's Side has experienced hair loss
 My Grandfather on my biological Father's Side has experienced hair loss